Riding in Sedona and Enjoying Some Drone Drama

Sedona, Arizona's Templeton and Easy Breezy trails are a blast to ride on the mountain bike. They are not difficult trails but still have some very challenging sections that are fun to session.

Plus, I also had a little drone drama with the Mavic Air. But more about that in the video.

Cody Dopps
Recharge Your GoPros Off the Grid
One of the best pieces of gear I've added is the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Battery Recharger. When I'm "off-the-grid" keeping my GoPros, iPhone, headlamp and whatever else charged is no longer a problem! If you like to camp and record all your adventures consider picking one of these up!
Cody Dopps
The Crashes of 2018
This video was much longer, but then I cut out the parts where I was being an idiot. Well, not all of them... Lunch Ride is a year old and what better way to celebrate than with a mountain bike crash reel! Instagram: @lunchridemtb https://goo.gl/9tqhJK Facebook: @lunchride https://goo.gl/22gT1m
Cody Dopps
Riding in Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona, AZ is just a dream come true when it comes to mountain biking. Serene and beautiful with countless miles of trails. In this video I'm riding the Slim Shady Trail. A trail that is a blast to ride in whatever direction you want to go.

Cody Dopps
Manual Progress Report
How does the manual machine translate to the trail... not very well. It's fun and it does help with practicing balance, but it doesn't make one a manual master right away.
Cody Dopps
Trainer Days are Here Again

It’s colder, the days are way shorter, and I’m not able to get out on the trail as much as I’d like. So that means dragging the trainer out of the closet. It’s not my favorite, but with these few tips I’ll show you how to make it a little better.

Cody DoppsTips
What to Wear for Cold Weather Riding

The temperatures are dropping and the days are getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean you should stop riding. Check out one of the first videos I made for Lunch Ride detailing what and how to wear what you might already own to get backs on the trails and have a cozy ride.

Cody Dopps
A comparison between the New GoPro Hero 7 & the Hero 5
I had seen a bunch of reviews on the new GoPro Hero 7 Black. I thought it was going to awesome right out of the box, but it wasn't. It took some trial and error and a trip to Angel Fire Mountain Bike Park in New Mexico to do some end of season downhill riding before I really figured out that I love it.
Cody Dopps
Victory on the Manual Machine!
Finally! After a bunch of practice the manual machine for my mountain bike paid off. I practiced about twenty minutes everyday and after a few days.... BAM! I could do it! Sort of.... Lets be friends! Instagram: @lunchridemtb https://goo.gl/9tqhJK Facebook: @lunchride https://goo.gl/22gT1m
Cody Dopps
How to Build a Solid AF MTB Kicker Ramp
I wanted to build a kicker ramp sturdy enough to jump with my mountain bike, but I didn't want to build it out of plywood. I don't have room in my garage so I wanted to build something that would endure the weather since I have to leave it outside.
Cody Dopps